Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Time to get into gear

Well Abby is almost 8 weeks which means I can start working out again! YAY (c-section has a 8 week wait) I am pretty excited this pregnancy i ended up losing a lot of weight due to not really being able to eat alot and not really wanting to due to heart burn i could not control.  I wont complain I am already down 23lbs from before i got pregnate! My goal is to lose 26 more! I want to post it here so I will feel motiviated to keep you in the loop. i am already stugling with my pants not really fit me anymore and i have no money to buy more.....but I will take a saggy bum for less weight anyday!! I do some questions out there for you people....what is a good diet for a nursing mom?  Also what are some good work outs i can do at home with my girls?  Any advice is appreciated!


Em said...

I'm addicted to Turbo Jam. There are so many workouts and I have loved all of them. They range from 20 min to 50 min so I can just do the one that fits my schedule for the day. And they are FUN! Which makes it much easier to workout. As for a nursing diet, I have no idea! I am a freaking dairy so I can eat nothing and still feed an army :) Some people on the other hand, have to be very careful they don't lose their milk for not eating enough or burning too many calories. Good Luck!

Margot said...

I like Turbo Jam too, although I didn't start doing it until after Cooper was weened. And when I'm nursing I have to eat every thirty minutes or I feel like I'm going to pass out. Mostly what I did was go on lots and lots of walks with the boys, pushing one in the stroller and wearing the other in the Baby Bjorn. That burned MANY calories.

Good luck finding what works best for you.