Friday, November 13, 2009

Jess's thoughts

Well we have been out here for 2.5 months now, although it seems like its been a lot longer!  I guess my life has been a worlwind since we moved here.  Got here on August 25th had a baby less then a month later, had to learn a new town, meet new people, new ward, unpack, and well ADJUST to being a mom of 2 away from everyone i know and everything i know! I got to admit i think i am doing pretty good, but I cant help but miss home, I miss being close to family I miss living in a town where i have options on where to shop and i can go to any store i need without an hour drive.  Most of all I think I miss family.  I really dont like living so far, i hate the fact most people have not meet Abby yet.  I know I am coming to Utah soon and they will meet her!  Dereks work schedule is hard too.  He worked late in Utah, but I had so many friends who i could visit late at night and family it never bothered me. .  Everyone seems pretty settled has a lot of kids.  Its hard.  I love our ward they have been great, but I miss having a good friend I can see when i want and talk to when i need to talk...cell phones just are not the same.  I am trying though.  I am pretty excited to come to Utah for a month...although being away from Derek for 3 weeks sounds afwul! i will miss him so much!
Anyway i know this situation is temporary, I know I will get through it and everything will work out.  No need to dwell on what if's just have to move forward!

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ecometrochic said...

I hate moving. I am not looking forward to adjusting to a new ward either. Being w/o a driver's license myself, I do most of my shopping online. I love Amazon prime for free shipping in two days:). Just finished all my christmas shopping for the kids at nova naturals and for small hands.

Anyway, you already know adjusting takes a long time. My new ward has 200 sisters in it. Yeah. Learning 200 names....