Sunday, November 15, 2009

pictures of some of my favorite people!

SO here a a few pics from late...
hmmm i dont get what is going i dont know why that text is there and why i can not delete it oh well! Here are some pics of my favorite people! Here is Abigail! She loves to sit up she always wants to be sitting! I think she needs a bumbo!!

More of her i cant take enough pic's!

Jackie LOVES doing pushups with daddy! Whenever he does them she is right there to do them with him or

Jump on his back and "help" him do his pushups! she LOVES to do this! She really loves her daddy and wants to spend every moment he is home playing with him!

There is a street hockey rink in town we like to go there and play around here is Jackie with the stick Derek made her

More of Abby we were trying to get one of her smiling....but eh it did not work lol she was not in the mood to smile for the camera tons of smiles in between shoots though!

I think she is so cute!

Kinda a smile....

Jackie swinging at the park

Okay its offical i hate the new upload way....maybe i just dont know how to use it but this was a pain! ugh haha oh well they are here!

Anyway we are all doing well getting excited for grandpa to come up for Abby's blessing and to head to Utah! We will be there for almost a month so we have time to see everyone! we will be carless though so you might have to come pick us up if yyou want to see us! But really we are so great i know you will wanna! :)

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cherigarner said...

Some of my favorite people as well! Love all the new stuff!