Saturday, November 21, 2009

The little things

Its the little things in life like

having your 2 month old always snuggle right up next to you

hugs from your 2 year old

kisses from your 2 year old

hearing the simple phrase I love you from loved ones

a smile and squeal from your baby

knowing your child trusts you completely

when your kid wants to play with you and asks please

seeing the love your spouse has for you

seeing a family member after not seeing them in a long time

your moms/dads voice on the phone

knowing you have friends you can talk to and understand what you are going through

your daughter wanting you and only you to tuck her in at night

knowing someone is there when you pray

understanding there is more to life then this life

being able to say I believe in God and Jesus Christ

that help me realize how truly blessed and loved I am in my life

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