Friday, November 20, 2009

which one would you take?

So Abby had a rough night last night, when I woke up i could not help but think back upon Jackies rough nights when she was little and compare them...

Rough night with Jackie

These occurred about 4 or 5 nights a week. Put her down to bed by feeding her and bouncing her for a LONG time, an hour later she would wake up screaming and you would have to hold her in your arms and bounce her until she would stop. Stop bouncing cue crying again. Get so fed up and tired that you decided to drive around at 3 am praying she will fall asleep. Get in car drive around see sconecutter open get some popcorn chicken. Keep driving around hoping still to get a sleeping baby. After about an hour of driving around and some good chicken she is asleep. Go home put car seat next to bed fall asleep an hour later cue Jackie crying. Don’t worry she will get her sleep when daytime comes, but parents wont work and school call.

Rough night with Abby

These have happened 3 times in her life

Put her to sleep by feeding her and then laying her down in her bed. 3 hours later she wakes up feed her she goes back to sleep for 2 hours. This time when she wakes up she eats and wants a new diaper, however she wont go back to sleep she just lays in bed making noises and moving around that you cant sleep but there is no crying.....2 hours later she falls asleep.

I guess i should not complain about a rough night with Abby its pretty darn easy when i think about it!

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