Monday, November 30, 2009

one night down 21 more to go

so its been a day and i already miss my hubby.....I am sitting here thinking what the heck was i thinking going away for 3 weeks without him! I know it as the only way to come here for more then 5 days but still its hard.  Jackie does not seem to realize derek is gone yet....she has been too excited with everything at grandpas house to care....i wonder when she will start to care because she is daddys little girl.  lol Abby has no idea haha but I do I miss his arms to hold her but i got 3 more here so it should work out. 

I plan to just keep busy here! The down side is I have no car so i am stuck in Alpine but i do want to see all you guys! So come see me! lol you have the next 3 weeks :) i gotta keep busy so i dont go crazy missing my hubby plus i want to see you while i can in Utah i dont know when I will be back again!

thank goodness for phones!

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