Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Abigail Fern Stell is here!

Thats right folks she made it! Sorry for the lack of pictures and the deley on putting this up here we are havign computer issues as in our computer is dead gone a gonner! :( so no pictures for now until we figure out how to get a new computer.

But here is how she got here! As you know i moved 36 weeks pregnate crazy time but hey we managed i got most things unpacked and pictures up and meet some great people in our ward who decided to throw me a shower the night before my c-section was scheduled. Yes i started panicking i was going to go in to labor before my shower...well i made it to the shower and then not 5 minutes after being home contractions started up by 230 am they were every 4-6 minutes and had been that way for over an hour. SO i called the hospital told them i was suposed to be having my c-section at 930 they told me to come in so they could monitor me and see what needed to be done. So we went in poor Jackie was not happy to be up! We went in and Jackie went to sleep there (she had some where to go but not until 6am!) anyway they decided to bump my c section up to 730. THey had one set at that time and the hopsital was too small to have people there to do it then. So i got to go though some labor in the end which was my one pro of having a c section instead of a VBAC out here...but oh well i am really happy to know its when she was ready i dont like the idea of picking their birth day i think the baby should do that!

Any way it was an easy c section she came out crying and got a 9 on her first apgar! (jackie had a 4 so this was nice change!) I got to see her and then they finished up and then i got to go see my wonderful little one! She was 8.6lbs and 19 inches long! She is beautiful and we are all so in love! Jackie is loving being a big sister and i am trrying to get around in a place with stairs! i am doing alright though....more pain then with Jackie but we will be okay! My mom is here for the week which has been great!

Well thats about all :)


Cait said...

Ahhhh! I want pictures. I'm glad it went well even though it wasn't how you planned.

ecometrochic said...

Congratulations! Good job! I am glad everything worked out so nicely (labor initiated before c-section, good apgars, etc). You are too far away to feed, tho! Nice work.

Stephanie said...


Celia said...

Congratulations! I love the name. SO MUCH. We really liked the name Abigail and actually that's what we almost named Eliza. And I LOVE FERN! It's Nathan's grandmother's name so I am still hoping to use that name!