Tuesday, September 8, 2009

greatings from the middle of nowhere!

Well Jackie has been bugging me to take her to the Library so here we are i was able to get on the computer her for a second while Jackie lets me. Our computer is still not currently working I think/hope all it needs is a new power cord....but we need to wait until a pay check comes in so i am still without access at home :( its makes me sad to be out of the Internet world! At least I have my cell phone to check updates on facebook! haha its sad the world we live in!

As for me things are going well. We are getting closer to Abbys day and I am getting pretty excited for her to be here! I just want to be able to kiss her and hug her and see her cute little face (yes i know it will be cute!) Its just 9 days away that is kinda crazy to me!

I hope we can have our computer up by then so we can post pictures of her! Things here are going well we are getting used to the town and the small town life (another issue with the computer thing is well we got a wal mart and a radio shack soo not best buy ect. to help us out!) Derek is loving his job, and i am trying to adjust to staying at home all day and having time to rest and relax! If anyone knows me they know that i am always on the go and hardly ever stop so its been interesting but I am starting to get used to it and I really do enjoy it!

Things we have discovered since living here

  • you can drive the speed limit and pass everyone on the road
  • no one goes through a yellow light
  • if its not at wal mart you are out of luck
  • the distinction between village, town and city is important
  • you dont want to drink the water
  • "grass" is different out here and there really is not much of it!
  • everyone will ask why the heck you moved here

lol there is more but i dont have a lot of time so there is a few things i have learned!

But we are well and just getting ready for Abby!

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Celia said...

Your blog is adorable, Jessica!!