Thursday, August 21, 2008

I should be shaving my legs...........

so i have not blogged in a LONG time and decided it was time lol...I just put Jackie down for the night and instead of showering and shaving i decided to blog to you world!

Not a ton is new really, Derek got an internship so he will graduate in April!!!!! I am soo excited for him to be done with school, just two more semesters! i can make it! Other then that we are trying to figure out what we want to do for money in the fall.

Jackie is continuing to grow if you want to see some really cute pics of her go here :) she is funny, she loves to give kisses all the time. She also has decided that not wearing clothes is fun. She is always trying to take off her clothes, its kinda funny just as long as it doe not last in to her teens ;) More then that she is growing so fast, its crazy to see how fast she is moving from one stage to the next. She is walking somewhat usually she will walk then stop look around and get down to crawl lol

Me have decided i need to kick my butt into gear and lose weight so when we decided to have another kid i am in much better shape, so i am healthier and i don't set my self as far back with another one because i can only imagine its soooo much harder to lose weight with two kids. I did something i swore i would never do i got a personal trainer, we got an amazing deal and its really really been a good thing. I just see him once a week but he gives me a work out for the week...but i have lost 5 lbs in two weeks so hopefully i can keep it up! Derek has been coming with me and Jackie has been playing in the day care at the gym! She workers their always say how much fun she has and she is always happy to see us! I am hoping this will make nursery an easier experience come January!

We have been watching the Olympics and gearing up for school to start for Derek! hope all is well with everyone!


Patrick & Adrienne said...

yay for going to the gym! it will totally pay off!

Ambawamba said...

Way to go on the weight loss Jess! It is way hard work, but keep it up! I promise it is worth it! LOVE YA LADY;)