Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Happy One Month Lil Man!

My sweet Brigham,

Can you even believe it? You are ONE MONTH OLD today! I hardly can! This month sure has gone by quick! I am so very glad you have come into our lives! Your sisters just adore you. Abby loves to look at you and talk to you and wants you to look right at her! Jackie loves to hold you and help take care of you. Both can not wait until you can have a bottle so they can feed you. :)
So far you have been a pretty easy baby! You sleep! This is  huge improvement from your sisters so I will take it! At night you already do one good 4-5 hour stretch. Then your up every 2 hours to eat. You LOVE mommy and daddys bed though! We will have to fix that at some point but for now mom is just enjoying the cuddles all night long. :)
You LOVE to eat! You are getting so chunky I love it! I enjoy our time together while you eat. You have started staring right at me the whole time!

You just started making cute little noises. :) I sure love hearing you! You already made your first big trip! Mommys grandpa passed away and you flew with me to Colorado for the funeral. You were an angel the whole trip, and everyone loved meeting you!

Your dad is the nickname king! So far we call you Briggle. Since Abby is giggle. ;) We will see if it sticks and if a new one comes about!

I am excited to see what you learn in the next month.

I love you bunches and bunches!



that's what she said...

ha! briggle, that's funny! :)

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