Friday, July 24, 2009

Its hard to believe.....

That two years ago today i was trying every thing i could think of to get her to come out! I took the day off work to spend with Derek and we did most all the wife's tales we had heard of! Something must have worked because i had contractions all night long and went to the hospital the next day! Around 8:30pm on July 25th Jacquelyn Stell was born!! !! (see pic above :))

Since then our lives have changed completely! Its amazing to me how much a little girl can change you, and your lives. I have grown so much from the experience of being a mother. I have learned how to be more selfless, how to survive on less sleep, how to love even more deeply, how much you can care about one person, how much joy that little one can bring into your life!

Sure lots of my conversations now involve Jackie, and I love it!

I absolutely love being a mother! I especially love being Jackie's mother! I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful SMART daughter in my life!

We have gotten pretty lucky with her! In 2 years she really has only been sick once, no major injuries just some bumps and bruises, she has all her teeth, potty trained, a GREAT talker (who will not stop talking!), been to a few BYU classes with her daddy, went to his graduation, gotten to know all her family (its HUGE so thats a big accomplishmet!), she isdaddy's little girl, and mommy's little buddy!

She loves all things girly! She wants to paint her nails all the time, loves to have her hair done, loves purses and helping take care of little babies!

She ALSO loves all things sports related! She loves to "play" hockey with Derek, throw balls, and run around! She knows the end to the cougar fight song! She really is my little girl, we have trained her time you see her ask her what a cougar says ;)!

I love my little monkey she has brought so much joy into our lives and into our little family! We enjoy ever minute of her and can not beleive she is already 2!!!!! Time sure does go by fast...i sometimes miss that cute little baby, but I am loving my little toddler!! Hold on to your little ones because they sure do not stay little for long!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Mommy loves you so very much and is so happy you are her daughter! I could not imagine life without you in our family! Thanks for all the joy and smiles you bring to me and daddy! Always remember how much mommy loves you! Never forget you are mine and part of this family, you will always be mommys first little girl and will have a specail place in my heart! I could not wish for a better daughter!!


Cheri Garner said...

Happy Birthday, Jackie!
I hope it a great day. Everything mom says about you is true. We all love you so much. Thanks for being YOU!
Love and hugs,

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday. I'm sad I couldn't make it. Brett said that Hyrum had SOOO much fun! Good luck.

Stephanie said...

Ya, be sure to stop by the next time your up here. Brett says it's only 5-10 minutes from your parents house.

Caitlin said...

I can't believe she's 2 already!! I remember when you were pumping during those late nights at work :) She sounds like a doll.