Monday, July 27, 2009

Jackies party

So Jackie had a water party/Elmo this year! She loves both so we figured why not do them together! We had a little pool for her and a slip in slide she loved both!

Here she is going down with my dad, she kept asking to go again and again
running around
Jackie eating food
The tent Dereks dad brought to keep us out of the hot sun!
the kids eating Popsicle on the tramp
Jackies Elmo cake my mom made
She loved being sung to!
Eating her cake
Her friend Hyrum who moved out of the ward and lives near my parents made it! She was happy to see him!
her cute new outfit the day after

She had a lot of fun and really liked opening all her gifts! The food was great and we had a lot of family and friends come! It was so nice to spend time with everyone and watch the little kids run around and really enjoy being together!
She has been enjoying playing with all her toys and riding her bike! I love her to death and i still can not believe that she is two!


cherigarner said...

Your pictures are so cute! Wish we were there, but we are so glad it was a fun party. Jackie looks so happy! What a great family you have started!

Harris Family said...

I am bummed we couldn't make it, but it looks like she had a lot of fun! Wish we could have been there. McKenna got the same bike for her BDay too!

Danielle and the Boys said...

that looks like quite the party! :) and ethan would absolutely DIE over that cake!!! I'll have to show him the picture...

Stephanie said...

That's such a cute picture of Hyrum and Jackie. Long lost lovers:)