Wednesday, February 9, 2011

short notes yet again

Since I am too lazy to blog right now I am going to go for short notes to let you know whats up :)

Dear Michelle,

Thank you for making my entire week by your simple letter to the editor, all I have to say to you is Really?  Did you not expect that kind of response.  The 11th commandment (especially in Provo/BYU)  is Thou shalt love The Jimmer. Maybe we will name our first son Jimmer.

Thanks for the laughs!
Avid BYU fan and part of the Jimmer bandwagon (go read this its a must)

Dear bottle loving baby,

Oh Miss Abby.  You love your bottle so.  I hope you wont hate me as we start the weening process.  You are doing great at not having milk in the bottle at bed time (yes worst mother of the award here).  You are making the water work.  I did attempt last night to let you go to bed without anything i gave up after 30 minutes of hearing you yell baba please! just you wait soon I will get up the courage to get you off.  Hope your ready.
attempting to keep my baby a baby,

Dear Jackie,
Thanks for being the most reverent the other day in Primary.  I love that you always try to be the "most reverentest" at church.  I will take that for sure.  Just keep it up as you get older! You are a wonderful little girl and I love you.
one proud mama

Dear husband,
I cant wait for our date on Saturday! I sure love spending some one on one time with you! The fact we get to watch our cougars and eat some yummy food just another plus!
affectionately yours,

Dear P90X,
I hate you, I love you, I hate you, I love you.  Its been one week today.  I am SO proud of my self for making it through the week and only hope the next 12 go as well as the first week went.  Yoga might do me in though.  Here's to hoping i can lose a bit of weight in the process!
attempting to be fit,
Sore sore body

Dear cold weather,
I am done with you.  I am ready to spend the nights with my girls outside not inside trying to keep them busy/happy
always hoping,
cold and bored mom

Dear las Vegas,
I am ready for my vacation, could you please speed time up to the 18th?

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