Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The cuteness of my kiddos right now

After the circus last night i was just thinking about the cute things my children are doing right now.  I really do not want to forget so I want to make a list of the things i currently love about each of them!

  • She gives the best kisses all the time! She loves to give loves and will give anyone kisses
  • she is in love with her dolls.  She has one that is her favorite, which she loves to sleep with but she loves all dolls and wants to carry them around and rock them
  • Shoes.  She LOVES shoes.  She always wants to put shoes on (other peoples and hers) and walk around.  Mostly she loves the dress up high-heels we have its adorable to watch her walk around in them
  • She is know "praying" with us.  she will fold her arms but a second or 2 later unfolds them and yells "MEN!"
  •  She wants to be with Jackie and doing what she is doing.  They are already little buddies and I love it!
  • She LOVES to be on beds, and play on beds
  • she will actually take time to cuddle 
  • she can say please "plea" and I love hearing her cute little voice! 
  •  when i get home from work she just wants hugs from mama! 
  • she loves to talk on the phone
  • as much as her new found curiosity is annoying, I love how much she wants to get into things, places she wants to go, and how she reacts
  • Her face during the Circus, she LOVED LOVED LOVED the circus.  She just stared and the performers, laughed, clapped, and danced to the music.  It was adorable and she was as perfect as i could have asked there.  
I love my little Abby! She is a wonderful little baby and I could not have asked for a better baby.  She is so easy going and independent.  I love her laugh, smile, hugs, voice, and her developing personality. i cant wait to watch her grow and learn.   

  •  she is one of the sweetest little girls I know.  She always wants to give hugs and loves to me and all her friends
  • She wants to always hold her little friends that are boys hands
  • she wants to be the "reverentest" in Primary  
  • She comes up with hair styles that i have to try and figure out
  •  she really cares about Abby and always is looking out for her
  • She never stops talking (its adorable and annoying all at the same time)
  •  She is her own person with her own ideas, opinions, and feelings
  •  she "talks" for our stuffed animals and does their voices (wait you don't have stuffed animals that you claim as yours, and have them talk to your kids? psh your the weird one!) 
  • She cares so much about her friends and asks about them all the time
  • she loves dance party's
  • At night when its clean up time, she picks up with out complaining.  Last night she told me "i just like to help you mom since you work hard" 
  • She loves to help me cook.  I love having a little helper in the kitchen 
  • Jackie loves her grandpa so much! every time we go somewhere fun she tells me, "mom i need to take grandpa on a date here"  I love how much she loves my dad! 
My little Jackie has been the best first kid I could have asked for! while she did not sleep well as a baby and still does not sleep longer than 9 hours, she is wonderful.  She loves to be my helper, she has rarely thrown a tantrum.  She always wants to make sure others are happy and really tries to make people happy.  She loves to go to Sunbeams and is learning to sit through Sacrament Meeting.  

So there ya go things I do not want to forget about my little ones right now they are adorable
and a cell phone picture to leave ya with....
 Jackie and her Circus hair :)

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