Monday, January 3, 2011

new years goals

Yep thats right its time to post my goals so i can try to follow up on them :) This time around I want to post my plans for my goals so i can make them happen.

  • Goal #1 Eat Healthier 
    • This goal will be accomplished by 6 days a week not eating sugar, fried foods, fast food, and one that might kill me cheese.  One day of a week I will have a cheat day when i can eat above foods.  I hope this will help me learn to not eat as much of foods i tend to over eat cheese really might kill  me! 
  • Goal #2 Home evening weekly
    • keep track on our calender.  Not just have an activity but I want to do a lesson.  We have a lot of kids lessons already so its just a matter of doing it every week instead of every few weeks
  • Goal #3 Temple once a month
    • even If Derek and I can not go together get up and go on a Saturday morning
That's all i am going to work on right now.  I want to make sure I can accomplish my goals and really focus on them.   Derek and I have set some physical goals as well but those just go until my birthday so we will see how that goes.

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Margot said...

We have the opposite problem with FHE, we always have a lesson but almost never an activity. I just have trouble thinking of anything. We keep The Friend by the kitchen table and read a story from it during Monday's dinner, then talk about what we've read. That's our whole lesson. It works well for us, but I have been wanting to do more activities.