Friday, January 7, 2011

My Name Is Jessica

and I am a cheesaholic

Its bad guys, I love Cheese.  Any kind really but Sharp cheddar is my favorite.  I love to put cheese on anything. We go through a lot of cheese in our house I would say around 10-12lbs a month maybe more (we buy a lot of cheese! good thing its always on sale somewhere!) My husband loves it as do my kids, but I think i am the biggest cheese lover in my house. 

In thinking what I want to change about my self in this next year, one thing i kept coming back to was cheese.  I KNOW I use cheese WAY to much and put a heck of a lot more cheese then is needed on food, but really how do you go about cutting back?  This question has been running around in my head.  I want to teach my girls good eating habits and not eating as much cheese would be one of them.  (i will discus the others at the end)

After a lot of thinking and talking with people about different ideas I figured out what i wanted to do.  I talked about it in my last post but wanted to really talk about it here.  My idea was to limit the amount of crap i ate.  I knew i could not cut it out completely (minus sugar, i really have no issues giving that up) With the help of my husband i decided i would give up the foods 6 days a week.  Once a week have a day I could eat those foods I tend to overeat on.(this is to go until my birthday 6/28 for those of ya who forgot!)   This is all in hopes of teaching my, mind, tummy, and self that I do not really need these foods and to use them more sparingly.  So i decided I would not eat cheese, fried food, fast food, or sugar 6 days a week.  This has been the first week. 

I am not going to lie it has been hard.  Well the cheese part the other parts have been SUPER easy.  (although i do really want a spicy chicken sandwich from carls jr.  best $1 spent EVER!).  But I can say i am learning I do not really need it on the foods I love it on.  Such as scrambled eggs.  While SO yummy with cheese are very good with out.  Fajitas are still super yummy with out cheese.  Sloppy Joes, even messier with out cheese! Pasta salad, eh still alright without cheese.

Tonight we are having taco soup.  Another item i would so love to cover in cheese, but I wont.  I will put some pico and fat free sour cream.  :) I am excited to see what becomes of the next 6 months.  I will say snacking is where i tend to turn to cheese, a quick cheese roll up, some late night nachos all stuff i DO not need but i love.

So I am still a cheeseaholic, i still think about it every time I look in the fridge and see it there. I hope these 6 months will teach me not to eat near as much to teach me that foods do not really need cheese.  That way in 6 months i am hoping I can go back to having cheese in better moderation.  As for the other foods lets face it those should really only be eaten once a week at the most. 

So wish me luck, I know you probably do not eat as much cheese as me, I have cheese issues.  I have accepted it


Meg said...

I am totally a cheeseaholic too, Jess! I put it on everything, eat it plain, it's terrible! I admire your willpower. I have got to say that I had to cut back simply because of budgeting. I am a cheese snob so there are certain brands that I don't like-usually the affordable ones!-and so I cut back to save money. I am also addicted to milk and had to cut back on that too. I'll tell you what, when we get to heaven and there is no such thing as weight gain and cholesterol, you and me can have a giant cheese party! :)

Topper said...

One easy way to cut back on the cheese eating and buying is to use a fine grating size. We grate ours pretty small and it makes a huge difference. -just a thought.

e said...

I don't blame you on the eating of the's just plain delicious.

good luck friend....good luck