Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Lately with everything that has gone on with moving, our current life's situation i have noticed i have been a lot more down then I like.  So my solution today is to write out 25 (because thats my age) things i am thankful for!

1. The church.  Were would I be without it! I have such a strong testimony of this gospel and know the Lord is always there for me.  Without this knowledge I would be very lost in life.

2. Derek.  I love my husband.  He is my life.  He makes me laugh, he is my better half.  I enjoy always knowing he is there for me and my girls. 

3. Jacquelyn.  Without my little born my life would sure be a lot more quite! Jackie always keeps us updated with EVERYTHING that is going on in life.  She is such a bright wonderful little girl who i enjoy talking to, and always having around to do things with.  She brings me lots and lots of joy.

4. Abigail.  She is my little bundle of joy! She has so much personality and loves to give hugs and kisses.  I live for those hugs and kisses and her little "luv yous" she always says.  She is such a sweet heart!

5. Parents.  I love my parents they help me so much in life and i do not know where I would be in life with out them.  Its nice to know that i always have someone i can turn to for advice or just someone to talk to. 

6. Jobs.  As much as i complain about working and that I never see Derek i am so grateful that we have jobs and are able to have enough to get by

7. SUN! I have seen the sun for a few days now and its warming up!  I do think this is the end of the cold weather and for that i am SO excited!

8. Friends.  Man alive i LOVE my friends! I am so grateful for all my friends who are there for me and who help me and listen to me complain and listen to me rejoice :) Oh and for all their help in cleaning!

9. In Laws.  I have some awesome in laws and I am so happy for that.  Among all things they already do for us, they are letting us store some things in their garage which is awesome! My sis in laws are pretty great too!

10. Internet.  I love the Internet its pretty freaking awesome

11. A place to live.  After all the craziness with our last place and having to move i am so grateful that we are in a place and we are happy.  Its going to work out just great just attempting to get used to the girls in one room :)

12. Bunk beds.  I am really glade we have bunk beds for the girls.  They seem to love them and its nice to have the extra space, in their room. 

13. being a mother.  I know i put my kiddos on here, but i am really thankful for the chance the Lord has given me to be a mom and to learn and grow for my kiddos.  I do love how much i have grown since i became a mom.  I love it and would not trade it for the world.

14. bubble baths.  I love love love bubble baths they take every care in the world away :) speaking of which i might need to do one tonight!

15.  weekends.  AHH i love the weekends more time with Derek and time with the girls.  I cant wait for this warm weather because that means some awesome Stell family fun days are coming!

16. T.V. I know some might think this is odd, but after a really long day i really love to relax and watch a good show! Helps wind down my day

17. Family.  I am so grateful for all my family near or far that helps me and supports me.  Its nice to know how many people in this world are there and love me

18. Blogs.  Even though I have not blogged in a long time and do not blog a lot lately i like having a place to come write my thoughts for who ever feels like reading

19. Phones.  They make it so easy to keep in touch! I love being able to keep in touch with family in friends though phone calls or texts its wonderful!

20. Parks.  I love parks, i love that they provide a place for my kiddos to run around, climb, and have fun.  I love even more that we can go to the park A LOT more now that its getting warm!

21. cars.  Really think about it what would we do with out a car, I know those who do not have them but in our life with what we do it would never work so i am glad we have them, and i am glad it has working ac :)

22. Strollers. I love being able to take walks to places with the girls and strollers just make it so much easier! :)

23. Primary.  I love how much Jackie learns in primary.  I love hearing from her every time she gets back what she learns and listing to her songs she is learning.   I am grateful for a church that makes teaching our children such an important aspect!

24. Cooking.  I love to cook, I love to cook ahhhh cooking is so much fun for me.  I love to cook.  Its so fun and wonderful

25. Ice.  I love ice.  Having ice in my water is something I love.  Ahhhhh ICE i love you.  It makes everything so cold and tasty :)


that's what she said...

you really are one of the sweetest people i know jess! i love you! you'll have to put up pictures of your new place soon! how are your girls doing in the bunkbeds? Does abby stay off the top bunk pretty well? I really really want to move my boys onto theirs but i'm so worried he's going to climb it that I haven't made the move yet. Oy. :)

chandan said...

enjoying your post :)