Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Life is always a bit crazy there are always things to do always places to go places to see. I feel like our life is always on the go no time for stopping.  Do you feel that way?  Sometimes i wish the world would just stop so i could take all the time i want to just play with the kiddos and give hugs and loves.  Sometimes i wish commitments would not add up, sometimes i just wish i could have more time.  I just wish situations could be changed and I could have more time

Do not get me wrong i am so grateful for what we do have right now.  Its wonderful to have what we need, sometimes i just wish i could be that stay at home mom and have that time with my girls, with my house, oh my my poor house needs more time but I put it off because that time i do have is for my family. 

Abby is currently in a huge hug and kisses stage, I love it.  I come home and all she wants to do is hug and kiss me.  I pick her up and she holds on to me shirt and wont let go.  Its adorable. 

Jackie well she just wants to talk, every time i call home during the day she has a million things to say.  No matter how much i need to talk to her dad.   I am so happy that even though i am here they are with their daddy who loves them. 

Working at times makes me feel like a bad mother.  I know it should not and I know I am not but at times it becomes a constant battle because i do not spend the time with them i would like.  One thing i have tired to do is to make time at home before bed time just their time, i am trying to save house work for after they go to bed.  So far that has gone well (minus it takes away from Jessica time but as I am learning sacrifices have to be made).

I need to get out of my funk, i have been bad at exercising since we moved and I am sure that is a huge part of it.  So my goal is to get back in to my good ol p90x because really life is so much less stressful when i exercise.  Really just wish i could convince my self to get up early so i could work out in the morning that would be the best, but with Derek's late work it makes it hard since i am a big baby and can not go to sleep with out him. 

I am really sick of the rain i just want sun and to play outside at night with the kiddos.  although i did get Jackie some SUPER cute rain boots so hopefully it will rain after she gets them haha

I found a new blog that looks like it has tasty tasty good food http://homesicktexan.blogspot.com/so i will have to let you know i am using a few recipes from there this week! Tonight is chicken fried steak yum yum yum! :)

I broke my mold at wal mart and went to a female cashier and she did not suck :) and was not a stickler on looking at anything it was nice! that and the fact cheese went under $5 again MAN it was not on sale for a long time! All in all that makes for a good wal mart trip

 I need a girls night :) anyone up for one (Danielle how i WISH you could come *Sigh* yes i said this because I know your response is going to be ME!) Its gotta be on a Monday night for me its when the hubby is home but it can be late like 8 after FHE :) let me know and we will plan!


that's what she said...

haha. i was going to say 'pick me'! you can come to mine....we're doing pizza, hot tubbing and 'bride wars' this weekend. hopefully you can get in a girls night though. and the boots, i just bought ethan some and we haven't hardly had any rain since. i should do that every year when i want summer to hit. :)

Hayley Jones said...

we can go! i really want to see the new pirates movie, want to go on monday? i'll sacrifice and stay up late, and i have coupons for free popcorn when you buy a drink!