Monday, June 6, 2011

Changes are a coming

We had stake conference yesterday.  Lets just start this by saying i had plans on how we were going to survive with children. This year we had it in the smith field house since there is no more tabernacle.  I talked with my neighbor and our goal was get there early and run the kiddos around the track.  We did that it worked wonderfully.  Good parking and tired kiddos! Next phase how to get them to sit through all of stake conference?  lots of food/treats and stuff to do. 

Reason we wanted to make sure we could here our stake was getting divided.  Well the kiddos were great while they made all the announcements.  We got the one that stated our Ward was being dissolved and split up into 3 wards.  This one hit me hard because really Freedom 2nd ward was just a special different ward.  Never seen a ward like it and highly doubt i ever will again.  Although i am excited to see what changes will come about i hope that we can take parts of our old ward with us.

When we moved we opted to go were we were because after praying we decided we needed to stay in our ward.  Now that its being changed i want to see what they new ward has for us since our old place is not in our new ward.   It will be an adventure and I will miss our ward family dearly.  They were all very special to us and we will do our best to take some of our old ward love to our new ward. 

Now after these announcements were made Jackie asked to sit on my lap a minute later she threw up all over me all over her all over the floor.  Gross yucky and GROSS! Derek ran her out to the bathroom and i ran with abby to the bathroom to clean my self up.  Can i just say i hate puke.  I am not a puke person even my own kiddos.  I have managed to go almost 4 years without being puked on, but i guess that has now ended.  When we came back from the bathroom my awesome neighbor and a very sweet lady from rows up were helping clean up the mess.  Can i just saw how wonderful it was to come back thinking i had to deal with that and not having to was awesome.  (well as awesome as it can be when you smell like puke and are still processing a ward stake changes!)

Jackie was so upset, not that she puked that we would not let her go back in to stake conference.  When i asked her why she told me Heavenly Father wants her at church so she should be there.....we had to have the when you puke its okay talk but alas she wanted to stay there and pretend she was not sick.  When i got her home she started a fever so we gave her some motrin and made her a bed on the floor.  She went to sleep and my Awesome friend Hayley missed church to come be with them while we went to our goodbye lunch in for our ward.  It was crazy to think that in such a short time (we have been here for a year and 4 months) this ward could feel like such a family.  One person said it best to my husband yesterday, "at least I got to be in the best ward in the Church for 6 months".  

It was an awesome ward one that is hard to explain, i always told people it was a special different ward and it was.  Never seen or heard of a ward like it i doubt i will.  I believe the ward had a purpose and that purpose is now over.  I am happy that we were able to be  apart of the ward and contribute to the ward family.  It has been a experience i will cherish and always try to remember.  We will be doing our best to spread that love we learned to all the other wards we attend in our life. 

To all my friends who are not joining me in our new ward you will be missed!!!

As for Jackie you would never know she had puked everywhere.  She is happy as can be and doing great lol

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Hayley Jones said...

turns out it was me that made her better i guess... :)