Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Abby's first hair cut

Well folks i finally gave in and gave Abby bangs.  I swore i would not because i hated growing Jackie's out.  But if you saw the amount of food and snot in them i think you would have made the same choice it was time.

here she is before we left
A complete mess i know but this is what it looks like unless its put up and since daddys is home when she wakes up it does not happen.

we went up to cookie cutters in Lehi they were AWESOME! Abby was SO excited when we got their to go on the slide then she got to pick a movie and a car to sit in she was thirlled!

She drove her car the whole time and held as still as could be. 

This is her cute smiling face after.  I LOVE it (and yes she is in new clothes *sigh* kids) I love her bangs they make her seem older to me but i do love the hair out of the face and less slime attached to her hair, its still on her face though (will teething EVER end!)

I love this little girl she brings so much light into my life with all her loves and snuggles! She has such a sweet disposition.  I cant believe how big she is getting and how much she is talking! She will have conversations and talk in  short sentences.  Its fun to watch her learn and grow.  She sure loves her big sister and likes to follow her around and do what she is doing.  Its a good thing big sister likes to always be with Abby as well!  I am lucky to be this little ones mom :) She is such a joy in my life.  Helps make a bad day better with just a hug and loves!

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