Monday, June 13, 2011

excuses excuses excuses

I tend to use the fact i work as an excuses to not do fun little projects with the girls, today i decided that its no reason to not do little fun activities daily with the girls.  I am horrible at doing things unless i write them down and make lists and plans so here we go here are our plans for the next 4 weeks.  One thing we will be doing just did not put it on here since its a family activity is seven peaks we have passes so i would like to use them as much as we can! :)

June 13-19
Make play-dough 
Finger Paint/sprinklers 
sugar cookies with frosting 
fruit loop necklas
June 20-26
paper bag puppets
Game night/sprinklers 
make bean bags and play with them 
make spinach artichoke dip (dont laugh my girls LOVE this stuff)
June 27-July 3
Movie in a fort! 
Finger Paint/sprinklers 
tutus and bead necklases 
cupcakes with frosting and sprinkles 
July 4-July 10
4th of July parade 
Popsicle stick craft 
make banana chocolate ice cream 
sprinklers/dance party
Make play-dough 

Well there ya go hopefully it work out ;)! And lets hope the girls are gun-ho for some more structured time instead of our play free for all we tend to do.

If you have any more ideas for us to do please let me know, my brain hurt from making this list :) also if you live close you should come play with us! (or if you live far and will be close!)

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Hayley Jones said...

you forgot "go to hayley's house and play with the dogs." seriously, come over any time. they can throw the tennis ball to the dogs and they will love it. and my dogs will get run to the ground, and i will love it cause they will sleep through the night haha