Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Its almost here! Jackie is counting down.  She is SO excited! I really am loving Christmas through the eyes of a child. 

I am missing snow though....struggling to feel like Christmas without it.  Seriously Utah where is my SNOW?!?!

Sunday YW's put me in flow blown Christmas Spirit, I really enjoy my  calling. I love working with the youth! we had someone come sing the song below, its sure my favorite at Christmas time.

Jackie is REALLY enjoying our Christmas book tradition i had as a child (you read a Christmas story, scripture, and sing a song daily in December on the true meaning of Christmas).  Every night she reminds me its time to read our story i love it!  I hope she is grasping more of why we have Christmas and feeling that true spirit of Christmas by doing it....because toys are nice and all but I want her to REALLY grasp Christ is the reason for the season

Me, well I am just grateful for this time of year to remember my Savoir and everything he has done for me.  I am grateful for his love and his daily guidance in my life.
I am also excited to see my kiddos on Christmas morning! I sure hope their cute little faces are as happy and smiley as i have pictured in my head!
I am also happy we get to go to church on Christmas.  I don't think there could be a better way to focus on the Savior than to go Worship him on the day we remember his birth!!

Love all my friends out there Merry Christmas !

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Stephanie said...

I'm really behind of following people's blogs. I LOVE the picture of your girls as your heading. So cute!!!