Monday, December 12, 2011

qucik update

Can you believe Christmas is almost here?  I seriously cant! I am always in awe of how quickly Christmas seems to sneak up on us. 

I am really excited though! I totally dig being a parent on Christmas.  I love love love finding gifts for my kids and get all excited to watch them open them :). 

But anyway a quick update since well i dont tend to blog at all any more haha

He LOVES his new job! Its going great.  He gets to sell people on the awesome sport of hockey.  Perfect! Also if anyone does want tickets to a game let me know he can hook you up!

Well i am staying plenty busy! with work and kiddos i am always on the go! I still LOVE my half days and feeling more like a mom on those days are nice.  I am recommitting my self to p90x so here is hoping i can drop some of this weight i put on since stopping nursing over a year ago....

We she is just our little sweetheart.  She is super cute with Abby and I love watching them grow into cute little sisters.  I hope they will be friends as they get older.  Jackie loves school and really enjoys what she learns there and all the crafts they do.  She is getting really excited to start kindergarten in the fall. 

Well miss Abby is still miss Abby.  She is SUCH a sweetheart and a cuddle bug most the time.  She sure has a STRONG other side though! She knows what she wants and is going to get her way.  She is our possessive child.  She knows what belongs to whom and no one else can have it.  (ie i cant have Derek s pillow and he cant have mine) lol.  She sure has a personality! I can never get enough of all the hugs and kisses she wants to give us!

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