Friday, April 27, 2012

I am still alive...promise

So I guess blogger decided to change since I have not been on. Super LAME! I just wanted to let everyone know, Yes we are alive.

Maybe one day I will blog lots again. We are busy very busy.


It is good. I am enjoying being home with the kiddos. Working from home is pretty awesome, but sure keeps me busy! I sure love my job. My company is pretty awesome! I do buy a heck of a lot more now that I see things in person! lol

In case you were wondering my goals because I did have them!
March was simple survive. I did it too! :)
This month my goal has been to kick my butt back into shape. :) I am still working on this one but it is coming together. I am sure I will post more about it some day.
May-I have not decided yet!


Well she had her Kindergarten orientation for her school. She is going to a good charter school near us. I am super excited for her. It makes me sad to think she is getting so big though! She is supposed to forever stay my baby!


Is getting so dang big. She talks all the time, has SUPER strong opinions, and is adorable! I love her to death. :)


He is good. :) He is not as busy with work since the season ended so we see him more which is nice!

Okay. that is a SHORT post to let you know we are alive.

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Wendy said...

Jess ... you are darling!! Glad you are enjoying your job. I think about you every time I get an email!