Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Hmmmm sooo I guess I just dont blog anymore.....I think I am now soooo far behind that I hate playing catch up! So I am just going to blog like everything is normal-and I have been blogging all along haha!

Jackie started T-ball! She looks sooo cute in her uniform. :)
Photo: Jackies first tball game! ;)

She is having fun and slowly getting better! Hopefully by the end of the season she will remember how to hold  a bat ;)

We are having fun going to her games. Watching 4-6 year olds play T-ball is entertaining. I love how they all run to the ball no matter where they are standing.

I love how they get so interested in the grass and dirt. It is pretty fun to watch! No matter what though as long as they get their treats at the end of the game life is good! ;)

I sure love my Jackie! She is such a cutie!

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Black Widow said...

What a beautiful blog! I just love the idea, and the photos are... amazing!