Tuesday, June 19, 2012


We have been enjoying our big back yard this summer! Best thing about our new place is that it has a HUGE back yard with garden area and fruit trees!

Jackie and Abby love looking at our garden and eating the cherries off our tree! :)

The girls love the slip n slide-and are slowing getting closer to making it to the end when they slide ;)

Our crazy sprinkler. Abby laughs her head off at this. She loves how it wiggles! lol

Swimming pool is their fav though!

Last week we had a big water party play date for our ward at our place. We meet some people which is nice! We are slowly making friends up here-and Jackie and Abby are loving that!

YAY for summer! Now lets hope we can stay cool with a swamp cooler! Wish us luck!

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