Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Sweet Jackie!

Can you believe my Jackie FIVE! I sure cant!

Dear Jackie,

I seem to remember 5 years ago like it was yesterday. I was walking around our apartment CONVINCED i the pain in my back was not labor. I was going to head into work. Your Grandma kept pestering me to go into the hospital to be checked. I decided I would go to the doc first. I went in and sure enough I was in labor. They sent me straight to the hospital.
After a while a was rushed into surgery because your heart was not doing so great. I still remember the little purple baby they pulled out. I did not get to see you for about 4 hours. It was one of the longest four hours of my life!
As soon as they brought you to me and I held you, my heart just melted. You stole my heart. You made me a mom. I love being your mother Jackie. You are such a cute sweet little girl! I dont know how we got so lucky to have you! You listen, are sweet to others, rarely do you cause fights with your sister. You are a peacemaker. You always want to make others happy. You are the easiest kid ever! You love to be by my side helping me at all times. I love that about you! Thanks for all you do to help me around the house!
I love how hard you try to do what is right. You always want to make sure that the actions you are doing are the best! You care what foods you eat, how much you play outdoors, and that what you are doing is something mom and dad want.
Everyone always tells me how much of a joy you are. Your Sunday School teachers always love you. They say you love to comment and help.
Never lose that sweetie! Always try your best, always do what is right!
School is starting soon. You keep telling me how nervous you are. Don't worry though sweetheart. You are going to do great at school! You have such a thirst for knowledge, you are going to love it. I have no doubt you will make some good friends quickly. I know you will learn lots and enjoy being away from home. I cant wait to see what you do with school.

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