Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Baby doc!

So i got to have my first appointment today! I really hate going but I love my doctor he is really nice and helps me relax! The best part was i got to hear the heart beat! There is something about that sound that just brings so much relaxation to me and helps make it all seem a little more real! Plus it lets you know that the baby is kicking! Derek and Jackie both came so they got to hear it....i am sure Jackie had no clue what was going on she seemed jealous that i got to lay on the table and not her lol.

It was good though the doc told me i need to be careful and not lose any more weight lol not sure how i can really help that one.....I just need to tell the baby to let me EAT! haha oh well one day i am sure food will no longer make me gag until then i will continue to eat grapes chicken noddle soup and yogurt! mmmm good food!

He told me that i am welcome to chose a vbac or c section, he said that he is very pro vbac and that if i don't have one now it will be really hard to get a doc who will let me try one after 2 c sections because of higher rates of issues accuring. He said since it was more of a baby issue (her heart rate kept droping and finally got too low they had to get her out) However he did say if i do the c section he will take me a week or so early since i moved along so fast with jackie ;)! lol But who knows a c section is like 1k more! EEK! but i also know what to expect and the healing times and everything....and lets face it i hate the unkown it just freaking scares me! So that is my next quest alothough he did say i can decided that when ever i want and he will help me....so i figure that i will just talk to him about it as i move along and see what i feel is best for me and baby! What do you moms out their think...anyone had a vbac?

So yes we are well baby is well and has a fast heart beat! 178 beats a minute! it always amazes me how fast those things are--they sound like a washing machine!!


Danielle and the Boys said...

glad everything went okay with your appt! i say go for the vbac. I had a friend that had a similar experience with her first baby and then did vbac's with her last 2. plus, once you have the first one vaginally, the rest just fall out, right?! haha.

Steffy said...

Hey I haven't had a vbac, but all the doctor recommended that I have a c-section...except Dr. Parker. Turns out he was totally right too! I totally had my almost 9lb baby vaginally without any complications even though my hips are metal! I totally and completely trust that man. Good Luck!

Katie said...

I know several women who have had successful VBACs, one being my mother and one being my sister-in-law. If you and your baby are healthy I don't see any reason not to go for it (unless you have a strong gut feeling about it, in which case you should trust yourself). Also, a friend of mine from nursing school vaginally birthed an 11 lb 2 oz baby!! And she's like 5' 3"!!!! I say listen to your intuition and go for it... whatever it is. :)