Monday, February 16, 2009

Our Weekend and such

We had a great weekend! Derek's trip ended up getting canceled, so we got excited that he could come with me! Then we found out he had a meting with the team on Saturday. But my sweet husband decided to come with us and sent out a letter to the team letting them know he would not be there! I was so happy! Since me and Jackie were already flying we bought Derek a ticket to come with us! The flight was nice and Jackie was AMAZING on the plane! She did not even cry once! The plane was almost full there were two seats open, and yes one was next to us (no one wants to sit by a baby lol) So Jackie even had her own seat, but never used it on the way there!

We got to Vegas and Jackie was SO happy to see her Grandma!

The next day was Derek's birthday, we flew down his hockey gear so he could go play hockey on his birthday. So while he was playing hockey i went to my moms school to go see her. It was a lot of fun! That night my mom got him a red wings cake for his birthday (Derek never got a hockey cake growing up and every time around his birthday brings it up, so the past two years i have made sure he had one, and think for the next 22 years i will be getting him one to make up for his childhood ;))
Then my mom took us out to dinner we went to Carabas and it was really good!, After dinner My mom watched Jackie for us and we went out to see Taken! It has been so LONG since we had been to the movies and we had a lot of fun! And we loved the movie! I think i enjoyed being able to sit for 2 hours with out having to do much, it took away my morning sickness! lol now if only i can do that home lol

Since Derek was planing on being in Washington over V-day he mailed me my valentines! :) So i got a package on his birthday (and yes i opened it then!) Inside was a bear that he wrote on the tag was Derek bear to remind me of him, and the bear was holding a cloth rose and pillow heart and a box of Transformer Valentines. He wrote on each one one reason why we loved me it was really cute and made me cry! I love my husband he is so cute and always does his best to make sure i am happy!

On Saturday we just hung out with my family, and my friend Elsie came up to see us! It was a lot of fun! Me mom watched Jackie for us again and we all went out to see hes just not that into you--ya dont see it its DUMB and WAY too long! oh well!

Sunday we went to church and just hung out! it was a nice weekend and i ate out WAY too much, but i love being with my family and just hanging out with them!

The flight home Jackie was REALLY good again! Again the flight was almost full but Jackie got her own seat, so she just watched Tigger and Pooh the whole way and was really good! Then when we got off we were waiting for our bags and mine came through and so did Jackie's car seat and dereks hockey sticks, but his other two bags where not. Apparently a lot of the bags got lost from out flight, but they called us this morning to let us know they found them...which was nice, but still LAME i hate it when they loose bags grrr

As for an update with me....prego life is in full swing! I have been really sick this time, alot more then i was with Jackie. Which is hard with work but not much i can do about it so i am just trying to make it through and hoping that in a month or so it will go away. Since i have been so sick I really have not gained any weight, in fact i am still down EIGHT pound from where i started. (well with my weekend in Vegas that really could have changed lol we ate out ALOT;)) But my pants are still getting tighter! Its just not fair! With Jackie my pants did not get tight until like month 7! I heard it happens faster with the second I guess i just did not realize it! But oh well, guess its off the maternity store to buy some pants! I only have capries and shorts from my pregnancy with Jackie! Oh well we are excited for our new addition!!


Danielle and the Boys said...

sounds like an AWESOME weekend! glad you guys had lots of fun and derek was able to join you two as well! :)

sorry you've been so sick jess! I really hope it goes away soon. And I totally feel you on the weight gain/size thing. I'm getting big a lot faster than I did with Ethan and I'm still not gaining any weight but am bigger in the gut (???). Crazy how it works...

nikki gore said...

Yeah, I am not sure that a lack of a hockey cake qualifies as a traumatic childhood, but anyway. : ) It is a pretty cool cake, Matt would be jealous!

The Stells! said...

haha no no it does not but yet he seems to think it does....maybe this Christmas I will have to get him roller blades