Thursday, February 26, 2009

Just doing some thinking and pondering

So today at work and recently i have been doing a lot of thinking about my life and where i am now. Here area some scatterings of my thoughts.

  • I would not change where i am now for anything
  • Kids are more important then money-
  • There is no point in waiting until you have enough money to have a family to start, you will never think you have enough
  • Kids really are one of the greatest joys
  • As long as you keep on the path, the Lord will make everything work out
  • I love being married and do not think 20 is too young to get married
  • No matter what situation you are in there is always good, you just might have to look a litter harder to find it. I promise you its there just keep looking!!
  • Work will always be there, so we have to make the best of it and have fun. No use hating it, it will only make your situation worse
  • Family is one of the most important things we have, hold close to them and stay by them
  • You really can never get enough kisses and hugs from kids!
Lol okay there is a random list of some of my thoughts today at work ;) just thought i would share

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Kate and Josh said...

I second you saying that 20 isnt too young!!!! :) I love reading your blog about kids, it makes me so excited for when Josh and I can start our family!!