Monday, March 9, 2009

Jackie updates!

lol I love to talk about Jackie....she is my little girl and i think she is just down right perfect and the best little thing to walk this earth (as i am sure all you think about yours ;)) Anyway here are some new funny things she is doing and really lol has been doing for a while....i am bad at updating but don't want to forget!

  • She loves to hide under anything and have us find her....we always say were did Jackie go? now when she hides, her favorite spot is the curtains in our room, she says, "where did she go" over and over until we find her behind she thinks its really funny
  • She loves to "count" while walking down stairs....she knows all the numbers 1-10 however she does not remember them all in order so we get a combination of all the goes something like 1,2,3,5,7,9, ect. haha it always changes but she usually gets 1,2,3,5,and 8 in the right spot...haha most times ;)
  • she has been really good at saying prayers at night she will add on to what we tell her to say or go off on her own....however the last few nights she wont say anything but
  • she love to close the door when we leave the house.....and always tries to close it before we all get out
  • She knows there is a baby in my tummy and kisses my tummy and says baby kissie kissie...the other day she kept hitting my tummy saying "baby out baby out".....i dont think she understands how long it takes the baby to grow quite yet
  • she does not like daylight savings time as much as i did not like it....she wanted her hour of sleep back :)
  • She has started to love Elmo and Handy Manny-makes it a little nicer to not have to only watch Manny when she gets to watch TV
  • She loved going to Derek's hockey games! We usally sat on the front row (thanks Julie for the advice on that!) after one time of sitting their she learned she could not leave our row...granted she tried a few times and we had a few screams but its loud so not a big deal there :)! But her favorite thing to do was to bang on the glass and yell DADDY GO! haha she loved it when they would hit in the the glass next to us! She always claps when the crowd cheers and would "sing" the fight song when she heard the fight song playing! I think what she loved most though was when daddy would go down the tunnel and she could see him for a minute....she would always smile so big!!
  • She loves to wash her hands....she will ask everyone to help her wash her hands....people come over and she grabs their finger and takes them to the she just likes to play with the water
  • She loves to play ring around the roise and tries to get everyone to play with her including her stuffed animals
  • She never stops talking....we just keep hearing new words from her and love it! She talks in sentences a lot now....its really nice that she can communicate makes things so much easier!
  • She loves to play out side and always wants to go out!
  • She loves little babies and likes to hold them and take care of them-she is going to be a great big sis!
  • She loves to come into our room when she wakes up and get lots of cuddles from mommy and daddy!
  • She loves to help, and will come up and say i help i help when we are doing anything or when she needs help says help me help me

Okay there are some things about my little sweetheart! I love her so much and want to enjoy ever minute she is our only child! I know how crazy things are about to get and i just want to be able to have fun with her before that time comes...because i am sure she is going to want a lot of attention then! For know though we love having our little Jackie she sure is a great joy in our lives! We love her hugs and kisses, we love that she is growing and is able to do things on her own now, its so fun to watch them grow and learn!


Danielle and the Boys said...

what a BABE! i love reading all the stuff she's up to lately. she sounds like she's got a great personality!

and i feel you on the 'enjoying just having one kid' thing. we've been trying to maximize every opportunity we get to spend lots of time with ethan before things get hectic!

love ya!

C, J, and T said...

Jackie is doing the EXACT things Ty was doing at that age! SO CUTE!Crazy how fast they grow isnt it!!!