Wednesday, March 25, 2009

one or two?

Went to the doc today, things are going well.....he said i am measuring big which could mean twins or since i am short i have a short waist and will measure bigger, (although with Jackie i was always measuring small) so who knows...they have only ever heard one heart beat so i am guessing its just one baby ;). But still, he said we will know for sure next month when they do the ultrasound! I am way excited to figure out if this little baby is a boy or a girl! (well and to relive my stress and be told that there is only one baby....however if its twins Derek says we can be done! well as long as one is a boy)

He also told me not to worry too much about the weight loss....i have now lost 12lbs he said it should go the other way soon enough he said to just make sure i eat and drink a lot of water. I asked him about the heart burn and if he had any other ideas...he told me i can try to take pepcid ac with the tums and priolsec and see if all three together will give me some we will see! I am still having a lot of "morning" sickness but have not been throwing up a lot any more which is nice, so i am guessing that will help with not losing more weight too ;)!

Everything else is going well....Derek is getting excited for graduation, Jackie is learning new things all the time, and I am just working and making it through!


kimmers said...

So I feel really bad that I didn't know you were pregnant! Congrats! Can't wait to see if there are 2 in there. :)

Amazon Woman said...

Oh my word, I had no clue! CONGRADULATIONS!!! How exciting, I hope it's a boy! :)

kimmers said...

I served my mission there and so I'm going back to visit for a few weeks, and am also going to a good friend's wedding.

Harris Family said...

Twins...aah that would be a handful, but kind of fun too. Is Jackie so excited that you are having another baby?