Monday, August 10, 2009


So we did it the trek out to Alamogordo, New Mexico to see if we want to move out there!
For those of you who dont know Derek was offered a job out there so we went to check it out over the weekend.

Jackie went to her Aunt Nikki's house (Derek's sister THANKS AGAIN!) and we rented a car since we did not feel like putting 26 hours on our car and plus it was cheaper to rent a little car then drive ours lol darn gas!

ANYWAY it was a VERY long drive 13 hours and when you are 33 weeks pregnant that is not fun! But we managed Derek was good to stop so i could use the bathroom when i needed to :)! We got in late that night and could not tell much.....the next day Derek got up and went with the managing editor of the paper to see the paper and talk about the job, and I went off to look at a few apartments in the area. After that i meet back up with them and he took us out to lunch and showed us the town.

Its hard for me to describe the town because the best way i know how is to say its like Lamar CO. That is where my dad is from. Its just a little town that is older, with not a lot of grass because lets face it its New Mexico! After lunch Derek and I looked at some more places and found 2 that we decided would work. One is 425 a month ( I KNOW CHEAP!) for 2 bed 1.5 baths. Its HUGE! Its town home style so you walk in the a huge living room and then there is a huge kitchen and a half bath. There is even a little back yard (when i say little i mean like 10 feet by 5 feet. ) so it would be so nice for Jackie to be able to go out there while i am doing things in the kitchen, and its all fenced back there! Upstairs has 2 huge bedrooms and a bath! We really liked it :) and that price i mean come on! The other place is a very very nice place one of those would be gated in most places type apartment complex's. It has a club house pool and everything....but its a lot smaller then the other one and 200 more a month.

We spent the rest of the day looking around town trying to decide what the heck we want to do! We got up Sunday went to church and then started our journey home! Derek made great time we made it home in 12.5 hours, with lots of stops! Dereks sis was nice enough to drive Jackie down to our place so we did not have to go pick her up in Farmington. We missed her so much we had to wake her up to give her hugs, but she went right back to sleep we just missed our monkey and wanted snuggles! She was pretty excited to see us though so i dont think she cared!

So right now we are deciding what we want to do....go down there or not. If we do go we would have to be there in 2 weeks! YIKES! sooo if i call you i am probley asking for some help with packing since i should be taking it somewhat easy ;) although i am just not that type of a girl....we have a lot to figure out though insuarance, housing, work, packing, moving, ect...I will keep you posted though! As for me what do i want to do....I do not really care too much. I would love to go down i think its great for Derek and his carrer as a journalist, i think it would be a fun adventure to move away and just have it be us. I also know that i will miss my fam terriably and that will be VERY hard on me and I just feel horrbile about taking Jackie away from her grandpa she loves him SO much i know she would miss seing him often and going to his house! Plus well if we go Derek has got to find a part time job up there, but everyone up there tells us that will not be a problem (i even asked one of the workers at a resturant we were eating lol) sooo who knows :) once again a long blog with nothing in it just me talking but hey talking here helps me think!!

hmmm moving at 36 weeks prego i am sure is a very SMART idea! lol but i really do not want to send Derek without us and have him miss the birth of the baby, what can i say i need him there for that!

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The Petterssons said...

Good luck! You have lots to think about!!