Friday, August 21, 2009

WOW! Its almost here!

In just 4 short days we will be on the road to our new home, in a new city, in a new state, far away from all our friends and family. Its starting to really set it. Our apartment is slowly getting packed away, and our living room is filling up with boxs. I can no longer think, "oh thats far away its not going to happen" because its going to happen in just 4 days! Speaking of which i still have A TON TO DO! AHH most things that can be packed are, i am just waiting until the end to pack up the rest. Still though some laundrey needs to be done, our storage garage needs to be cleaned out. We still have some to do, oh and i guess a Uhaul packed and a apartment cleaned also needs to take place. Sometimes i wish that Abby was not do for a few months instead of in just one short month. But I just want to see her and hold her, that i am willing to deal with the craziness that this has put me into. I have been working non stop working a full day at work coming home and working until bed. Then i got sick really sick. I got a VERY bad stomach flu. I could not do anything, but rest. I know it was good for me. I needed to take the time to just lay in bed and sleep but still if you know me, you will know how hard that was for me. (dont worry i still packed 2 boxs later that night ;)
I am at work for my last day, its weird for me. I love working I will miss it but i am more exccited to stay home with my girls and take care of them! Lets just hope we can get this move done, I can make the 13 hour drive with out going into labor (since well there really is no where to have the baby but my car on the drive)!
We are really excited though, it will be a fun adventrure for us! We will miss our family and friends like crazy but are excited to take the journey! So come see us, we would love to see you before we go and well Monday if you are free come over and help us pack up our UHAUL and clean our place. My doc told me to just supervise sooo we will need all the help we can get!

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