Saturday, September 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Abigail!

My dear sweet Abigail,

Oh sweetheart i love you so much! You are a wonderful little girl who has added so much to our family.  You  are definitely your fathers child.  You have his temperament and his personality. You will be happy one moment ANGRY another and right back to happy :).   You are my stubborn baby, you will do what you want when you want to do it. When mommy wanted you to give up your bottle you did not want to do it until you were ready, but when you were ready to do it you did it and had no issues with doing it when you were ready to do it.  I am going to assume potty training will be the same :) I have learned that when your upset you just need time to get over it and you come running back happy as can be. 

You are SO dang sweet and cute.  You love to cuddle, hug, and kiss.  I love that when i am sitting down you want to just come up and cuddle with me (or dad) and snuggle :) It makes my day and i always need and abby cuddle fix to get through!

You are going to sleep just fine now with out anything, makes my day! Before you go to bed though you love me to come lay down in bed with you and we sing wheels on the bus a few times.  Then we say prayer which you love to say all by your self, then you tell me KISS, then you give me a kiss and say love you night! Its super cute and I love our little routine.

Jackie is your best friend.  You love your sister so much.  You always want your sister to be with you and do what ever she is doing.  When she goes to preschool you point to her seat and ask me "wheres jackie? i need my jackie this is jackies seat" its funny and cute.  I will say I love our mommy and Abby time while Jackie is at school.  You seem to really love the mommy only attention and i love having some time with just you!

You love to talk! Everyone tells me how good of a talker you are.  The last few months your vocabulary has exploded! I love it! :) 

Most of all Abby, I could not imagine my life with out you.  You have added and brought so much into our family.  Your cheese grin is my favorite thing to see when i pick you up after work, when i get you from a nap, or up in the morning.  I sure love you!

Love forever and always,


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that's what she said...

Aww...happy birthday to your baby who's all grown up and beautiful!