Monday, September 26, 2011

yeah yeah i know

I am sure you are all thinking, "where is Jessica's blog post on Abby's birthday, and Where is Jessica's blog post on Jackie's first talk?" Well they are coming.  When ever i have time when i am at home i will post them :) Just know Abby had a blast despite the horrid game and Jackie rocked her talk!

Now on to what I wanted to write.  I want to talk about being a mother.  Can I just say how blessed i feel to be a mom.  I love it!  Being a mom has completed me and made me into a person i never thought possible.  I cherish moments with my daughters when we can just play and have fun.  I love to watch the world through their eyes.  They are so sweet and so innocent.  They love to hang on to every word, and watch our every move. 

Sometimes i am amazed that someone decided we should be allowed to have such sweet kids and be left to raise them :)! I hope and pray daily that I am making good decisions and parenting them in the ways that they need to grow up and hold true to what we have taught them. 

Know don't get me wrong parenting is in no way all roses and butterflies. We have our 2 year old melt downs, our four year old defiant days our mom is so tried she needs a break days, and the days where i want to pull my hair out. But you know what life goes on, its all part of it.  I am learning how to take those crazy moments and love them more, move past it and cherish every moment.  

Being a mom/dad rocks! I hope we can all take time in midst of all the chaos of parenting and remember how lucky we are to be a parent, and how lucky we are to have our darling kiddos in our life! :)