Monday, January 9, 2012

the happenings

I pulled her out of preschool. I was not impressed with what she was learning. Not enough learning and too much playing for my taste, i don't want to pay for that! We are going to work with her at home. I was testing her the other day to see what letters she could write and what letters needed more work. When we got to "U" she dropped her pen looked up at me and said, "Mom! I can't write that letter! Its the stinking Ute letter!" lol Oh how i love my little girl! (don't worry she wrote the "stinking Ute" letter just fine after i reminded her its also in BYU)
Hopefully, I can help her enough at home. 

Is just continuing to be Abby.  She is growing up so fast its amazing to me! She is no longer my little toddler.  She is my big toddler!  She SURE has her opinions and wants them to be heard!
She LOVES babies/dollies.  She has lots and lots of babies, and loves to take care of them.  Its so cute to watch her be a little mommy!

This month i am doing good on my resolution! Read 5 chapters every day, yay! Well i am blogging right now so that knocks this week of my list. 
Oh so guess what, I am going to be starting a new job Friday. Its just on call so i am still going to work for Prosper. :) It's from home too, yay! I am excited, its for Steal Network. You know, babysteals and kidsteals. I am EXCITED! :)
Wish me luck to stay sane :) 

Is still working his job and enjoying it!!  Hes a great husband and father and I love him!! :)

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