Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thankful Thursdays!

First off it is Thursday right?  This whole 4 day work week is really throwing me through a loop!!! Anyway thought it was time to make a list of what I am ever so thankful for in my life

  • what would a list be with out including my darling daughters! 
    • Jackie for being her sweet self and keeping me laughing with all of her little comments!
    • Abby for being so dang sweet and easy all the time!
  • My hubby for loving me even though I am crazy
  • A great place to live with great neighbors (even if they are moving this week! EKK!) 
  • a car with AC :) 
  • always knowing there is some one there
  • the gospel 
  • Parents, seriously where would we be with out our parents in our life
  • my brother gets home on Tuesday from his mission! I am ever so proud of him for taking 2 years out of his life to serve! I cant wait to introduce him to Abby! and wow have him see Jackie, he used to be her favorite but she so much bigger now! 
  • Price matching at wal-mart :) it is a WONDERFUL WONDERFUL thing :) one day I will up my couponing...but for now price matching is my friend
  • jobs for be and the hubs....even though it sucks we hardly are home together i am so happy we have jobs and get to sleep in the same bed every night!
  • our recent night away :) it was wonderful to spend a day with just my husband!

there ya go folks...what are you thankful for today :) come one try it out promise it will make you feel good! :) 

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Celia said...

It was so much fun! Thanks for having us!