Tuesday, September 28, 2010

You know those times....

  • when you are so tired you cant see straight
  • you are super stressed out from work and home responsibilities
  • when the dishes are pilled sky high and there is a layer of food on the floor
  • when the clean laundry is spilling over but yet you seem to refuse to fold it
  • when you just want to go away for a few days??
This week (yes its only Tuesday) has left me feeling like that.
I feel behind in work, home, kids, and husband.
I never feel like I can give my kids enough time.
I never feel like i give my self enough time with my husband.
I feel like a failure for dragging my kids to visiting teaching appointments
I feel too stressed to breath right now. 
I want a mommy time out, I want a break I need some girl time....the only issue is my life is so busy I don't have time for it.

The Good
  • we just got gym passes (for a screaming deal!) so i am hoping going to the gym in the morning or right after work will help bring down the stress level
  • my kids are adorable and understanding
  • Abby has learned how to give kisses and always wants to give them to us
  • I have faith that sooner then later we will have a better work situation worked out
  • I do have a wonderful job that I enjoy and I really enjoy the people i work with


Patrick, Adrienne, & Bella said...

i feel ya girl! and if you can take the girls to the gym with you then it will be one less stresser and one more way to relieve the stress - yay! good luck :)

The Stells! said...

yeah they can come and go to the kiddie place but I am going to try to go before work or on the way home...haha gym with the girls is super stressful lol always got to worry they are calling your name or that your kid is going to poop!

Allison Murray said...

haha, of course you enjoy the people you work with! :)