Thursday, December 23, 2010

reasons to rejoice!!

I have 3 wonderful reasons to rejoice this Holiday Season.  3 reasons to make each day a bit more perfect, to make those dark days a brighter! Bet you cant guess what those 3 reasons are

First and for most is my husband Derek.  I love my husband so much and am so grateful for everything he does for me.  I love how perfect he is for me.  I love how he completes me.  I love how happy he makes me.  I love how he can always find a way to make me laugh no matter my mood.  I love how he can always figure out me when even when I can not figure out myself.  I love his devotion to the gospel.  I love his commitment to the church and our family.  I love how much he loves our daughters, and how he would do anything to see them happy. This holiday season is a perfect time to think about how lucky I am, and my sweet Derek is a perfect reason to rejoice.

Another perfect reason to be so grateful is my wonderful daughter Jacquelyn.  Jackie has been the perfect first child.  I could not have asked for a better kid to learn on! She is a wonderful little girl who always thinks about others before her self.  She is learning how to be considerate and I love it! She loves her sister and always wants to make sure she is happy.  Jackie loves her friends and always talks about them and what they like.  She always wants to bring cookies to others.  Jackie is learning so much about the gospel and loves to tell me what she learns about in nursery! I love my sweetheart and know its a special thing to be her mother. 

Abigail is my sweetest reason to rejoice.  She is such a wonderful sweet little girl. She has been one of the sweetest easiest little babies.  She always wants to give kisses and snuggle.  She has the sweetest disposition and will just go off and play on her own and do her own thing.  I know she will do great things as she gets older and learns more.  Right now she loves playing with Jackie and doing what ever she is doing.  These little ones are becoming best of friends and I love it! I can only hope and wish it will stay the same as they grow older *sigh*! For know I will enjoy what they have! 

There are many more things but right  now these are whats on my mind.  My sweet little family means more to me than anything.  I love them more than i can express. 

To all my friends out there, i hope you can take a few minutes to really reflect on what you have in your life to rejoice. 

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