Thursday, December 2, 2010

yes this again!


Dear Christmas Tree,

My nose is no longer as stuffy and I can smell you :) its wonderful to have a real tree this year. it will be nice this year then my cheapness will lend to me buying a artificial one again.  For this year I will enjoy and love it.
Smelly yours,
pine forest lover

Dear Giggle (abby),
Thanks for being so quick to learn not to touch the Christmas tree! I should not have been worried, you have been great! A few times you go for the tree and a no will turn you into a new direction. I am just so happy i was able to put our tree up early and not have to worry too much!
thankfully yours,

Dear Jacquelyn,
Your recent attempts to not eat foods that you have previously loved  makes me laugh.  For example mom made pizza compete with green onions and tomatoes.  While making the pizza you kept stating your dislike yet you ate your whole piece. Stop trying to be pretend to be picky and accept your great love for eating
frustrated and laughing,
a cooking mama

Dear Head Cold,
You have been around for over a week, all i can say is are you kidding, please leave me my head and my awake-ness alone.  I am a working mama I can't deal with anything to slow me down.
Snuffly still,

Dear house,
Remember how I am a working mama?  Well do you think you could clean yourself?
messely always,
a women in need of a clean house

Dear Abby,
I love how you follow around Jackie, how you are trying to talk, how you want to be big, how you love to be in the middle of everything, how laid back you are, how easy you are to take care of, and all your hugs and kisses.
always in love,

Dear weather,
thank you for being above freezing!! Please stay this way for a while
in need of warmth,
a very cold lady!

Dear Hubby,
one day we will see each other more.  Until then know how much I love you and appreciate all you do for our little family.
always appreciative,
Your wife

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e said...

hahaha. I suppose imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

I miss having real christmas trees...I'm glad you can smell it now.