Monday, December 20, 2010

A whole lot of random

Lets start here.  Have you seen this yet?  Picture of Christ that did not burn in the Provo Tabernacle Fire?  I think its pretty awesome. 

Our bishop gave us all this picture

  • I am super excited for Christmas! Jackie is really old enough to fully get it this year and that has made it SO much more fun!  She is pretty easy all she wants is bubble bath and the book Where the wild things Are.  Good thing both those are pretty easy to come by.  Hopefully she wont be too put off by getting a few more then that.  Last night she kept telling me she can only have 2 gifts, silly silly girl
  • This will be my first Christmas not seeing my family! They are in Argentina and Vegas! I am a little bit sad about this but also excited to have our first Christmas at our place and to set our own traditions! :) 
  • I still am holding out for a White Christmas.  Even though the weather channel made it seem super super super super slim a girl can hope right?!
  • My car drives better in the snow then i thought, WAY better then our red car we had before our Xterra. 
  • Abigail is growing up so fast and plays so well with Jackie now.  Its SO cute! I love that they are becoming little buddies and I really hope it stays that way!
  • I took Abby to nursery Sunday.  She was NOT in the mood to be quiet or hold still at church.  She loved it! So I hope this means in 3 months she will love it also.  I was also super excited to see how good my little Jackie was in nursery.  She listened, folded her arms, stayed in her seat, and helped clean up!  Its always nice to see that what you teach your kids pays off!
  • I held an adorable 2 week old baby on Saturday.  And ya know what it made me SO happy that I do not have a new born.  Also re affirmed to me that i am so not ready for another yet. :) I like my 2.  I know we will have more kids but not right now :)
  • also 2 weeks of 3 day weekends HECK YES!

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that's what she said...

man, if we were in the same ward, jackie and ethan could be in the same sunbeam class together! i always think of her as way older but that totally cracks me up thinking of it that way. :) hope you have a wonderful christmas jess!