Wednesday, October 29, 2008

All about Derek!

All about my hubby!!!

1. Full name: Derek ******* Stell (he hates his middle name so i edit it :D
2. How long have you been married? hmm lets see according the the calender its been 3 years one month and 26 days and a few hours lol
3. How long did we date? haha so we were the typical BYU coupple we meet in the end of may got engaged July 28th and married September 3rd :) sooooo we dated for 3 months! what can i say :)
4. Who eats the sweets? hmmm Derek buys the sweets and we both eat them
5. Who said I love you first? He did, he took me out for by birthday and when we were driving home he pulled over and told me he had a secret to tell me then he whispered in my ear "i love you" which i told him back. (the funny part is he had been telling me for about a week that i was in love with him, but i was to scared to admit it.)
6. Who's taller? lol DEREK he is a foot taller then me 6 '3' to 5 '3'
7. Who sings better? Derek for sure!
8. Who is smarter? The endless debate in our house :) i have my degree already so i claim it makes me smart, but my husband knows all the answered to jeopardy (or any other game like that!)
9. Who does the Laundry? It changes, i will do it for a while then get sick of it and stop so he will pick it up, as for the folding i usually fold and Derek puts everything away and gets me the hangers!
10. Who pays the bills? Me! Derek is in trouble if something happens to me he wont know any of our bills or passwords
11. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?Derek our tv is on the left side of the bed and i cant see over him!
12. Who cooks dinner? I do! i love to cook, but my sweet hubby makes me dinner on Monday nights and i love it!
13. Who drives? Derek for sure! I am more of a rider then a driver :)
14. Who admits they are wrong? haha Derek wrong? lol
15. Who kissed who first? Ha ha Derek kissed me first on our first date! lol yes remember we were fast
16.Who asked who out first? Derek asked me out first we played catch went to wendys then i had to go to work then i came back we watched miracle and he kissed me during it
17. Who wears the pants? lol derek does but lets me in when he needs to
18. why do you love him? I love Derek because he always knows how to make me laugh! One of the first things i noticed about him (besides his eyes) was his sense of humor! lol I love his commitment to the gospel and knowing he will always be able to bless our family with his priesthood. I love that i can talk to him for hours and never get board, i love his passion for hockey (even though at times it drives me CRAZY!) I love knowing how much he loves and cares for me and Jackie. Most of all i love him because he is perfect for me! He really is my better half, he makes me whole! I love him, and am so happy i get to be with him forever! I LOVE YOU DEREK!

OKAY now i tag
Jess, Danielle, Adrienne, Beth, Katie, Melissa, Jenn and anyone else who feels like talking about there hubby


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