Monday, October 27, 2008


So in Relief Society yesterday we talked about traditions, holiday and spiritual traditions, and it really got me thinking about what traditions we have and what ones i want to continue so i thought i would write them up here, since lets face it i don't keep a journal this is the best thing i got!!

1. Christmas book
I grew up with this its an scripture, story, and song for each nigh of December! I always loved hearing the stories that were in there and reading them as a family! I cant wait to have kids old enough to enjoy this tradition!

2. Turkey Bowl
Every thanksgiving my family gets together and has a HUGE football game we call this the turkey bowl! its so fun to have everyone together and play

3. Church
One thing i admire about my parents was their dedication to make it to church, we went every Sunday no matter where we were! While on vacation we always went to church and would stay for the whole block!! I remember every time we went to Mexico we still went to the whole block even though we could not understand more then a few words! This has really stuck with me especially since we have a kid now. I want to make sure i set a good example for Jackie and show her how important church is! Sometimes i wonder to my self as i spend most of church in the hall why i am there, but i know its where the Lord wants me so its where i am going to stay!!

4. Christmas Morning
Christmas morning we would have to wait until everyone woke up (no peeking was allowed!) then we would all line up youngest to oldest on the stairs and would come down to were "Santa" left our gifts (we have two trees one in the family room for Santa and one in the living room for everything else) we would open our stockings and play with our Santa gifts. Then my mom would make us a huge breakfast! (yes before we could go open our other gifts!) After breakfast and everyone got ready we would go in to the other room and divide up our gifts by the giver not the receiver (so you would get all the gifts you were giving) then we would take turns giving gifts to each other! I loved this one! I think this really helped Christmas become about giving instead of receiving! We all loved being able to give our gifts instead of just having a free for all

5. Christmas Eve
Both my families did this and i know most do, its just my favorite! We would always read the Christmas story from the scriptures before bed! I think this helps set the mood! We also got to open a gift on Christmas eve and it was usually PJ'S!!!!

6. Back to School
On thing i loved growing up was my dad would always give us a blessing before we went back to school! I always loved receiving the comfort and guidance before every school year!! I hope my husband can continue this with our children!

Well there ya go there are a few of my favorite traditions in my family! What are some of y our traditions, holiday or spiritual? I tag all to write about them!


Tom and Amy said...

I really like how you give gifts directly to each other. Your mom really knew how to plan for small children with the second tree for santa, too. We used to listen to the Forgotten Carols on Christmas Eve and read the story on Christmas day. Anyway, I'm thinking about traditions, too. I want to use that talk as an outline for further thought later when I have some time...

Danielle and the Boys said...

goodness our families did a LOT of the same stuff! I totally could ditto this blog too. I bought a book from Deseret Book called like "traditions" or something recently and it has all kinds of traditions that people have in their homes. I wanted to incorporate ones Matt and I grew up with along with new ones as well. I even put up a list on our fridge for the next 3 months with all the stuff i want to do so we don't forget any of them! haha, i'm a dork.

Beth said...

We must be related... we have a Turkey Bowl too!