Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Family Pictures

Okay so i am a HUGE slacker my neighbor Adrienne Murray took these pictrures back in the start of June and I am just putting them up, anyway she is the best you should check out her blog http://admphoto.blogspot.com/ and use her to take your pictures!! any way we took these all around BYU campus here we are

This one is my favorite!
Jackie is flexabile!

I really like this one too!

haha Jackie got REALLY sick of taking pictures

I think we are a cute family :D

I LOVE her eyes...haha do you like the cell phone....she is SUCH a modern day baby!

So derek wanted to try the star wars pose lol

Yes Derek is eating Jackie :)
She thought she could get away
And she did off exploring the unknown

haha I love this picture i think its funny its like she is saying I'm with her lol

Well i guess a lot are my favorite because i think these are CUTE too!
I love the relection in the water
More escapaing baby!
She loves it when Derek throws her around

Yes my baby goes to BYU :)

Okay thats the jist of them there where 217 for me to chose from haha i would have put them all up here but i don't have that much time :D
As for the Stell's we are doing great!! I am loving my job and we have some amazing friends who are helping with Jackie! (thanks Jess!!! Thanks Auraleen!!!) Derek is making it through school and I am getting Lasik on Thursday, I am starting to get nervous but way excited...I still am keeping my fingers crossed they will let me get it ( do to my horrid vision i am a borderline case) but a month without contacts should tip the scales in my favor, buti wont find out tell that morning!! any way hope everyone is well!!!


The Petterssons said...

Cute pics! I'm excited to get ours done this weekend.

Megan said...

I love the pictures, you are cute family! The Star Trek pose is for sure my favorite...:) Good luck with the Lasik, I am super jealous! I would love to wake up in the morning and see stuff! :)

Beth said...

Oh those were adorable pictures!!! You guys are an adorable family!!! And Jackie is getting so big! She is just precious :)

Patrick & Adrienne said...

thanks for the whatchamacallit :-p

Patrick & Adrienne said...

thanks for the whatchamacallit :-p

Kate and Josh said...

Cute Cute pics! Your daughter is beautiful! As far as the competition I am just wanting to follow it if thats ok!

Stephanie said...

So fun. I love the pictures.

Caitlin said...

She has the best facial expressions!