Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Two and a half men and Jackie

So me and Derek really like the TV show two and a half men. We have our DVR set up to record the episodes and then watch them.....needless to say we watch a lot of this show its on 2-3 times a day. Anyway they have quit the catchy them song basically they repeat the word men over and over and ooooooooo alot. Well Jackie has always really liked the theme song and will get up and dance to it which is really cute! Any way the other day in the car we were talking about the show (yes we are lame) and Jackie started to sing the theme song!!!! We heard here in her car seat going men men men men men men men ooooooooooooooooooooo to the rhythm and ever thing!! now when ever we watch the show she sings along with them lol.......... yes i know this means we watch WAY too much of this but its soo cute! Who would have known a 14month, ok well she is 15 months in three days, could pick up and learn a theme song lol.

Anyway Jackie is growing and learning like crazy! I am constantly amazed at the new things she is picking up!
  • she is always learning and saying new words (yes some of it only mom and dad understantd) amazing us at how smart she is and is just so darn love able!!!
  • I think she is having a hard time with me going back to work, because she is clinging to me for a good 15-20 minutes when i get home, she will just lay on my shoulder and hold me. Its really cute, but i feel bad at the same time!
  • Her biggest thing right now is her love for the out doors, the girl would live out side if we would let her! she always wants to go out side, she will walk over to our door and reach for the handle saying sli sli (slide) and weeeee weeee (swing) if you dont come she will come grab you by the finger and start to pull saying go sli go sli its really cute! So we try and make sure we get her out on the swings and slide at lest once a day (the ones at our complex) and we try to take her to a park at lest once a week.
  • She also is continuing her fascination with books. She always wants to read them to her self or she will bring them to us and have us read them to her!
  • One of her new favorite games is to grab something from us and run away with it laughing, its funny most of the time :D
  • She likes to unroll our toilet paper.....we no longer keep it on our tp holder
  • she also knows what car is ours....i guess its kinda hard to miss a big yellow car.....but if we are out in a parking lot (she has to walk everywhere) and you ask her were the car is she will point and start running.
  • she can get in the bath tub her self, and tends to dive in when one of us is in the shower
  • My friend Auraleen who has a 5 month old watches Jackie on MW mornings for us, Jackie loves her and knows her name and when she heres her coming over she runs out saying aubrey aubrey baby, and then will "help" take care of her
  • jackie also likes to help me around the house, when i vacumn she grabs one of her push toys and pushes it around making the noise the vacumn makes
  • She still is our amazing little eater! eats everything and anything and of course is still feeding her self! that girl has never let us feed her she has been feeding her self since she was 7.5 months old, you can see some of her first tries here . One of her new favorite foods is salsa and sometimes chips. We love mexican and when ever we go to a mexican restaurant Jackie is there dipping her chips and licking off the salsa...occasionally she will eat it with a spoon. Yes yes she is odd

Well there you go a breif update on Jackie! Hope you enjoy reading about some of the new things she is doing there are many more but these are some of my favorite!

I am doing great! i love my job and its working out well except the person we have had watching jackie on T and TH cant do it anymore soo we need some one else. Derek will no longer have his morning class so we would just need some one from 11:45-1:30. If anyone would be willing to help us out we would appreciate it!!


Jennifer & Tristan said...

Oh, your baby is a genius! I can't wait to see her this weekend -- tell Derek that you HAVE to come. Tell Jackie that Aunt Jennifer will take her to the park and she can play to her hearts content! You guys will have to come up early so that we have lots of time.
I wish I lived closer - I'd totally watch her for you! Maybe once Tristan graduates... can you wait til then? :)

Wendy said...

I love to read the updates! You really are a darling little mommy! Jennifer said that you guys might come to our halloween party on Saturday - I hope you do. We would love to see you! Don't forget your costumes!