Friday, October 3, 2008

its the little things .............

its the little things...................

  • the kisses Jackie will blow or the slobber kisses she will give me
  • the little hugs she will give me
  • when Jackie will call out for mama
  • when Jackie wakes up in he morning and all she wants is to come play in bed with her mom and dad
  • When she will crawl up my leg just to get a hug
  • when i am cooking dinner and she just wants me to hold her and let her help stir
  • when she learns new things
  • When she will look at a picture of Jesus and recognize who it is
  • When she will call me up on the phone (with her dads help most the time ;))
  • When she wants her daddy
  • when she wants to just sit in my lap
  • How she wants to do everything I do
  • When she is playing on her own but always checks every few minutes to make sure i am still there
  • how she wants to play with her dad's hockey stuff just because its his
  • her immense love for BYU football (she will watch a whole game with us!)
  • how the cougar fight song will always make her stop crying

That remind you how great it is to be a mom!

More than anything I love knowing she is mine and I made her and no one will be able to take that away from me! I love you JACKIE!

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Patrick & Adrienne said...

yay for new colors and stuff! it's so pretty!