Thursday, October 9, 2008

The biggest loser!

So me and my friend Jenn have decided to start a biggest loser compition because we want to lose weight!!! we want anyone and everyone to join. We have made a blog just for it! Its going to start on Nov 1st and run through March 1st! we will have a $25 buy in and the winner gets the pot!!! go take a look at the blog if you want to join let us know! there is the blog! Not much is up there now, but we will be working on it soon! I know it says girls but boys can join too its just the only thing we could think of that was not taken :)


Beth said...

I think its a great idea, I'd do it but I don't have a scale or access to a scale and I'm not sure I would buy one lol. But I'll join along in spirit!

BTW I moved my blog :)

Steffy said...

I am pretty sad you made the 6 weeks postpartum rule.. because now I can't join. I wanted to though! I'm going to follow the blog and cheer for all of you guys though :)