Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy 5 months Osa!

Miss Abigail

Mommy can hardly believe you are 5 months old today!  The time seems to have flown by!  You are a wonderful little baby so far this is what mommy and daddy have figured out

You LOVE to sleep in our bed yes you wont sleep long in your bed but in our bed cuddled up right next to mommy you sleep pretty darn great i think thats why we stilll let you stay

You are not a huge fan of rice cereal but carrots you LOVE you got pretty darn excited about them

You have a special smile just for your daddy

You are a very happy baby always smiling and laughing at what is going on you love Jackie and are always watching her to see what she does next.

You love to pull your binki are getting better at getting it back in your mouth which makes me happy

You still dont really like a bottle you just want your mommmy!

You are a VERY socail baby nursing time is intersting with you when ANYTHING is going on you hate to stop to eat so you eat for 30 seconds look around smile eat look around smile over and over again......this also pertains to sleeping when we are out and about you dont want to sleep you just want to play and be apart of everything that is going on

You LOVE bath time!  When mommy brings you into the bathroom and starts up the water your little legs start kicking and you get SO excited, I think you just love watching Jackie act all crazy like in the tub.  You also hate the end of bath time you would stay in there forever if mommy let you. 

You have a million nicknames like your sister mommy usally calls you Osa daddy calls you abbs or abalab abbles and oranges but it changes on a daily basis! 

We are getting ready to move back to Utah, we are pretty excited for you to be closer to your cousins and grandparents!  Mommy loves you Abigail!

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