Sunday, February 14, 2010

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

Well remember how 6 months ago we uprooted our family 3 weeeks before Abigail came to move 13 hours away to good ol alamogordo??  Well we have had an intersting time here absoultly loving our ward and the church here, derek loves his job but it has not paid well enough for us to stay.  We have not loved the town though....we were planning on coming back this summer but have decided to come now due to some jobs that came open.  SOOOO all ya'll we are coming back! In 2 short weeks!!  SOO if anyof you know of any good places to live in orem/provo/springville let me know we  need a place! oh and i will see you soon!!

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ecometrochic said...

Yay! Eagle Mountain is good too. You can be my neighbor in the condos:)